Friday, 18 May 2012

Adventures on the train

We went to visit Grandma on the train and in the past we have always left Bean in her buggy and sat in the space provided (or stood if someone is sat in the seats by the buggy and wheelchair space), however on this trip Bean sat on a big seat.  The ticketman gave her a very special ticket which she loved.  We spent the time looking out the window, playing with the ticket, playing hidey boo with the lady behind and listening into people conversations. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bean's first experience of "baking"

I was feeling adventurous and decided that Bean and I would make some Rice Krispie cakes.  I melted the chocolate and poured it into Bean's mixing bowl with some Rice Krispies.  While the chocolate was melting I put paper cases into the bun tray so everything was ready.  Bean sat at her little table and I let her loose mixing the mixture.  When she was getting bored of mixing and just wanted to eat it, I gave it a final mix to ensure everything was coated in chocolate.  I then attempted to help Bean put the rice krispies into the cases.  Overall it was successful and Bean seemed to enjoy it, even if she did just want to eat it all!

Monday, 30 April 2012

is that the sun I see??

Well the sudden appearance of the sun meant Bean and I grabbed the chance to be outside and went for a few walks.  Bean managed to walk a surprising distance this morning and was knackered by the time we got home.  She was over the moon to see 2 dogs and 1 cat on our travels and we went on to practice our animal noises.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I will get up to date with my updates!

We returned home on Monday 23rd and the journey home was surprising uneventful.

Tuesday 24th April

Grandad's day to visit, which involved lots of playing with grandad, painting and stories.

Wednesday 25th April

Today was Grandma's visit, and we spent a bit of time in Lowestoft.  Due to the weather we ended up in the library and discovered the wonderful children's section.  We took two spot books out of the library although Bean's new book from Grandma was her favourite.

Thursday 26th April

Today was a nice quiet day at home with Bean playing with whatever took her fancy.  Although stories with Daddy were had.

Friday 27th April

Today Bean and I joined a mummy friend and her little boy at a soft play place and had a wonderfl time.  The little ones were exhausted on the way home and both fell asleep.

Saturday 28th April

Today was a wet and miserable day so we had free play, however by the afternoon both Bean and I wanted to get out.  We ended up taking a trip to co-op for the bits I forgot to order with the shopping.  On the way home I got Bean out of the buggy and let her walk.  I showed her puddles and how to splash with her feet.  By the time we got home she was loving the puddles and we were both soaked.  We even had tears about having to come inside the house!  Due to the rain and the fact the puddle splashing wasn't planned I have no photos.