Monday, 30 April 2012

is that the sun I see??

Well the sudden appearance of the sun meant Bean and I grabbed the chance to be outside and went for a few walks.  Bean managed to walk a surprising distance this morning and was knackered by the time we got home.  She was over the moon to see 2 dogs and 1 cat on our travels and we went on to practice our animal noises.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I will get up to date with my updates!

We returned home on Monday 23rd and the journey home was surprising uneventful.

Tuesday 24th April

Grandad's day to visit, which involved lots of playing with grandad, painting and stories.

Wednesday 25th April

Today was Grandma's visit, and we spent a bit of time in Lowestoft.  Due to the weather we ended up in the library and discovered the wonderful children's section.  We took two spot books out of the library although Bean's new book from Grandma was her favourite.

Thursday 26th April

Today was a nice quiet day at home with Bean playing with whatever took her fancy.  Although stories with Daddy were had.

Friday 27th April

Today Bean and I joined a mummy friend and her little boy at a soft play place and had a wonderfl time.  The little ones were exhausted on the way home and both fell asleep.

Saturday 28th April

Today was a wet and miserable day so we had free play, however by the afternoon both Bean and I wanted to get out.  We ended up taking a trip to co-op for the bits I forgot to order with the shopping.  On the way home I got Bean out of the buggy and let her walk.  I showed her puddles and how to splash with her feet.  By the time we got home she was loving the puddles and we were both soaked.  We even had tears about having to come inside the house!  Due to the rain and the fact the puddle splashing wasn't planned I have no photos.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Its been a busy week

Sorry for the weeks absence, however we have been a little busy.  I had planned a blog for last Wednesday but things didn't quite go to plan and we went away on the Thursday so now we have a super long post for you and expect a lot of photos!

First the no added sugar scones were eaten with a bit of jam and Bean was very unsure of them.  Daddy tried one and with jam said they tasted ok.  Would I make them again - maybe, might try making some cheese scones at some point.

Tuesday 19th April

Tuesdays are usually Grandad's dad for visiting but he was unwell so we had a day of playing at home.  We played chase and hiding, and tickle monster.  We ended the day watching Elmo, one of Bean's favourites.

Wednesday 18th April

Today Grandma came for her weekly visit and we got the playdough out again.  Bean is still very unsure of playdough though so Grandma made some balls out of the playdough and we moved the balls around and tried throwing them into a playdough ring on the table.

Thursday was spent travelling so not such a wonderful and interesting day.  Bean walked around Norwich railway station and on the train when she could.  While at Norwich railway station she did try to call the pigeon's in the same way she calls our cat, Lottie and got a bit confused when they flew away from her.

Friday 20th April

Today was a relaxing day, we spent some time in our room and then went shopping in Chesterfield.  While in the room Bean read the previous days Metro and played with her toys.

 Saturday 21st April

Today we went to Sheffield to visit my brother and his wife.  Bean was a little shy at first as we hadn't seen them since December but she soon was causing mischief!  The remote and their mobile phones were popular which is nothing unusual for Bean!  Bean also managed to figure out her aunt's "magic" trick.  On the train back to Chesterfield Bean was desperate for a "ticket" so I found our tram ticket which satisfied Bean's need for a "ticket".  When we arrived back to where we stayed Daddy had a mixed grill buffet so Bean joined him and seemed to really enjoy it.

Sunday 22nd April

Our last full day was spent with more family.  Bean had a wonderful time playing with her 4 cousins, who are growing up way too quickly.  She loved sitting at a time with other children for her meals as well as causing her usual mischief!