Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter sensory and fun in the sun

This morning I revealed Bean's easter sensory pit to her.  Her "pit" is a sandpit which as yet hasn't had any sand in it!  The easter sensory pit contains shredded orange and yellow tissue paper, plastic eggs, little fluffy chicks and some coloured feathers.

Bean explored the contents and then emptied all the shredded paper out until she discovered the plastic eggs, which she soon learn how to opened the eggs and found a little fluffy chick hidden inside.

 After lunch Bean wanted to go into the garden so I found some more plastic eggs (ones I had forgotten we had from a few years ago) and scattered them around the garden.  Bean was thrilled to see the eggs and crawled to them and started to open them, when she found nothing inside or she could open it quickly enough, it was thrown to one side.  Our cat Lottie then decided to join in the fun, much to Bean's amusement, however she wasn't happy when Lottie wouldn't let her play!

We have a busy week ahead but the easter sensory pit will be out again and hopefully we will be able to fit in some other easter related activities.

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  1. She looks like she is having fun....what a lucky girl she is....xxxx