Friday, 18 May 2012

Adventures on the train

We went to visit Grandma on the train and in the past we have always left Bean in her buggy and sat in the space provided (or stood if someone is sat in the seats by the buggy and wheelchair space), however on this trip Bean sat on a big seat.  The ticketman gave her a very special ticket which she loved.  We spent the time looking out the window, playing with the ticket, playing hidey boo with the lady behind and listening into people conversations. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bean's first experience of "baking"

I was feeling adventurous and decided that Bean and I would make some Rice Krispie cakes.  I melted the chocolate and poured it into Bean's mixing bowl with some Rice Krispies.  While the chocolate was melting I put paper cases into the bun tray so everything was ready.  Bean sat at her little table and I let her loose mixing the mixture.  When she was getting bored of mixing and just wanted to eat it, I gave it a final mix to ensure everything was coated in chocolate.  I then attempted to help Bean put the rice krispies into the cases.  Overall it was successful and Bean seemed to enjoy it, even if she did just want to eat it all!