Saturday, 31 March 2012

Easter Egg hunt and activities

Today Bean and I went to the local children's centre to take part in an easter egg hunt and other activities.  The centre had the sensory room set up in one room and in the other room they had a table for making easter cards, a table for decorating biscuits and a table for decorating egg shapes.  The Easter egg hut consisted of looking for a laminated picture of an egg in the garden to exchange for a bag with two mini eggs, 2 little foiled covered eggs and a bunny marshmallow.  The outside toys were also available to play with.

Bean loves the bubble tube and the different colours.  She went back to it various times during our visit today.
I was unable to get photos of Bean taking part in the activities but got photos of her work.  Mummy had to help with the card and the decorating - think Bean and her little friends were more interesting in eating the biscuits and sweets!

 Bean expored the children centre's garden and enjoyed the seesaw and slide.  This was the first time she has been able to really explore it.

All the fun left Bean exhausted and she fell asleep on the walk home.  I could resist getting at least one photo in some bunny ears - not convinced she will keep them on long enough for me to get a photo of her awake in them!

Exploring the garden

This blog entry was intended for yesterday, however had other ideas and wouldn't let me add photos.  Therefore there will be two entries today.  The second will be posted a little later tonight.

The recent good weather made me realise how much there was to be done in our garden to get it Bean friendly.  Luckily we have had help with my mother in law mowing the grass and my dad helping get the weeds out of the patio.  The veggie patch still needs to be sorted but o the whole the garden was safe for Bean to explore.

So today we explored the garden, the weather could have been warmer but Bean seemed to enjoy exploring her surroundings.

 We practiced take steps as well as exploring the grass.  We currently have clumps of dried grass from when it was cut which Bean enjoyed pulling apart and throwing.

 We played on the slide and practiced climbing up safely and coming down the slide.  This is a new addition to our garden and Bean has taken to it very quickly although does need to be encouraged to sit on her bottom when going down the slide rather than going head first!

We had lots of fun on the swing, exploring the overgrown weeds in the veggie patch and playing with the grass.  Bean found playing chase great fun, Bean would chase me and I would chase her.

During tea we practiced using a big girl cup.  The cup in the photo is a Doidy cup and allows the child to see the contents of the cup without tipping it too much and helps teach them to drink from the rim.  Overall we had less spillage from this cup that other cups without lids.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Lovely weather + overtired Bean = a leisurely walk

After the clocks changing at the weekend and a few teeth coming through Bean was fighting sleep and over tired.  So with the weather being lovely outside I thought a stroll was in order.  First we went to see the ducks.
 But there were no ducks to be found.  So we ended up just exploring various public footpaths in the area.  It wasn't long before:
Bean was fast asleep.  I don't know if it was my chatting, singing or just the scenery that put her to sleep but she had finally given in and fallen asleep.  Mission complete, well it was until I decided that it would be a good idea to lie her down so she would be in the shade - big mistake!

Here are some more photos from our lovely walk

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Coloured pasta

Today Bean enjoyed exploring coloured pasta, the colour just makes it a bit more interesting than plan pasta.  However as Bean gets older it will become a fun way to explore and learn colours.

This activity started when I decided to experiment with dying pasta.  I put a few handfuls of pasta into a small ziplock bag (available at pound shops).  I then added a tsp of food colouring to the bag and shook the bag and moved the pasta around until it was completely covered.  The pasta was then left in the bag overnight to dry.

Bean spent a long time exploring the pasta with the small toys I put in with the pasta.  Any little holes had pasta put in them.  After putting my camera away Bean spent a long time moving the pasta individually around the room - mainly onto the tv unit.

 The pasta can be used again and again as Bean grows older.  I currently have them stored in seperate tubs so as I make more colours I will be able to mix different colours.

Friday, 23 March 2012

A taste of what is to come

I thought I would share with you some photos of things Bean and I have done to give you an idea of what kind of thing you can expect to find here.  Some of these activities will be blogged about in more detail in the future, others might not be.  

 The above photos were all taken when Bean was 6 to 7 months old.

 The above photo were taken were Bean was about 8 months old.

 The above photos were all taken when Bean was 13 and 14 months old.

Many of these activities will be blogged about at a later date but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect to see as this blog progresses.