Friday, 23 March 2012

A new blog

Welcome to this new blog.

I am Mummy, a Mummy to a 14 month old little girl who for the purposes of this blog will call Bean.  We live with Daddy in a small town in Suffolk, England.

So, why have I started this blog?  Well a few people have told me I should blog about the activities and things I do with Bean, so I thought why not.  So here it is, the start of my new blog about me and Bean.

As this is a new blog there isn't much to read or look at yet but hopefully with time there will be.


  1. Looking really good - well done xxx

  2. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog, I always enjoy reading about the activities you get up to so will be fun to learn how to do them myself!

  3. Fab blog I love it. PS. I'm from a big town in Suffolk and grew up in a Smallish town in Norfolk